Huginn X1

The Huginn X1 is designed as a total solution, capable of handling both exterior and interior reconnaissance flights.

The sonar makes Huginn X1 capable of performing automatic take-offs and landings, this enables the operator to focus on the task at hand. The high precision GPS facilitates, autonomous waypoint navigation and the sonar together with presure sensor makes Huginn X1 able to hold its height.

Combined these features makes Huginn X1 the total solution for a broad range of both external and internal inspection, monitoring, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks. Huginn X1 is designed to be used with only a minimum of training and by people with little or no technical knowledge. The system is capable of vertical take-off and landing, which enables it to be launched without any launch mechnism and land where there is no landingpad.

Its small size allows you to transport the Huginn X1 as hand luggage on planes or in the back of a car.
 With a deployment time of less than one minute, the Huginn X1 is a perfect tool for reaching inaccessible or dangerous areas.




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