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Sky-Watch designs and produces drone systems, that offers opportunities for visual inspection in several situations such as mine clearance, search for missing persons in catastrophe areas, visual inspection of inaccessible areas, inspection of contaminated areas etc. The drone is equipped with a camera, which can take high-resolution pictures and videos plus if needed, the on-board camera can be exchanged with a thermal camera in order to perform thermal photography. The drone has an integrated GPS, and the operator can control the drone safely from the ground without entering the problematic area.  






24.03.2014 / Huginn X1 spring pictures


12.11.2013 / Sky-Watch & DanOffice
goes to help in the Philippines.

31.10.2013 / Sky-Watch is attending 
AEWE in the US.


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20.02.2014 / New Huginn X1 software (1.8) now available. Please login to download the upgrade and watch the video.


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