Drones moves indoors with Danish technology

Professional drones flying around Indoor will in a few years become a reality within factories and construction sites – and even in hotels, hospitals, schools and offices. This is a prediction made by Danish technology companies. With an investment of 11 million. kr. from the Danish Innovation Fund will make drones indoor flying safe and profitable.

So far, unmanned autonomous drones have only been used under open sky, but by improving technology this three-year research project called UAWORLD will enable drones to securely operate autonomously indoor. It requires precise navigation without GPS and more than normal reliable wireless communication with the drones. In addition, they need to be able to fly without disturbing the rest of the production apparatus, whether it consists of employees, robots or IT systems.

– Our goal is to pave the way for a massive deployment of drones in a number of different areas and applications where they do not exist today. It may be as part of a flexible logistics company production or quality control in hard to reach places, says Associate Professor Henrik Schiøler from the Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University, working with control systems for drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Researchers from the University’s Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing will be contributing with knowledge of optimization, scheduling and logistics systems. The other partners are GamesOnTrack A / S in Holstebro, which has developed an indoor system for 3D positioning of many devices in motion, RESEIWE A / S in Aalborg, which designs wireless systems and reliable protocols and Sky Watch A / S Stoevring which are already developing drones for outdoor tasks.

Sky-Watch director Jonas Johansen has high expectations for the new indoor possibilities:

– Currently, there are 176 European drone manufacturers and 100 US, but virtually all focus on outdoor applications. The integrated solution for indoor use in our project can give us a clear lead. To begin with indoor drones will be a niche market, but in the long term, we believe that it will become a part of everyday life in all relevant industries and services.

Niels Christian Gjerrildbanestien, director of RESEIWE and project manager, adds:
– To provide security for the drone is it important to have a secure communication protocol that Reseiwe have experience in and will contribute to the project. In the same way as position specifications ensures the correct basis for management in relation to targets, workspaces and various fixed and mobile devices, which GamesOnTrack contribute.

A major Danish production company and a wind turbine manufacturer will provide case studies for the project, where the drones will be incorporated directly into the logistics chain and the inspection of up to 75 meters long rotor blades.

Contact information:
Aalborg University, Inst. Of Electronic Systems, Henrik Schiøler, tel. 9940 8754
Aalborg University, Inst. Of Mechanical and Manufacturing, Izabela Nielsen, tel. 9940 7318
GamesOnTrack A / S, 7500 Holstebro, Niels Bo Theilgaard, Director, tel. 3070 3777
RESEIWE A / S, DK-9220 Aalborg, Niels-Christian Gjerrildbanestien, Director, tel. 4034 9879
Sky Watch A / S 9530 Støvring, Jonas Johansen, Director, tel. 9686 7666

Budget: 19 million DKK.
Innovation Fund investment: 11 million DKK.
Duration: 3 years

Innovation Fund Denmark’s article: Drones moves indoors with Danish technology

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